Cutright & Prihoda, Inc. | Sam Rayburn ISD FEMA 361 Compliant Community Safe Room
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Sam Rayburn ISD FEMA 361 Compliant Community Safe Room

About This Project
  • Fannin County & Sam Rayburn ISD have engaged the architectural services of Cutright & Allen, Inc. to design a FEMA 361 Compliant Community Safe Room.


  • This safe room is designed to withstand 250 mph winds and accomodate 600 occupants during storms in 80% open area; the remaining 20% will be used for restrooms, mechanical rooms and storage. The safe room footprint is 3,664 ftand is 80 feet long by 50 feet wide.


  • The alternate use will be an open area band hall


  • Due to the smaller footprint, the building is more economical as a rectangular structure than a monolithic dome