Cutright & Prihoda, Inc. | Lumberton ISD FEMA 361 Compliant Community Safe Room
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Lumberton ISD FEMA 361 Compliant Community Safe Room

About This Project

Lumberton Independent School District engaged the services of Cutright & Allen, Inc. to design a new FEMA and Texas Safe Shelter Initiative (TSSI) safe room facility.


This safe room was designed to withstand 200 mph winds and accommodate 1,145 occupants during storms in 80% open area; the remaining 20% will be used for restrooms, mechanical rooms, and concessions. The Dome footprint is 25,447 square feet and has a 180 foot diameter.


The alternate use is a Performing Arts and Convention Center with retractable seating to seat 900 persons and a mezzanine to seat 600 persons. It includes a UIL stage with supporting backstage and storage. Attached to the dome is a 3,200 square foot lobby designed for 110 mph winds.